Digital Projects

Over the past decade, I worked on a range of digital humanities projects with a range of partners and project teams. My duties have includes grant writing, project management, historical research and writing, website design and development, and conducting user testing and audience outreach.

I leverage these skills and experiences as a Digital Humanities Consultant with a range of partners including universities, museums, and individual scholars. Please visit my Consulting page to get in touch! 

Selected Projects

I served as Project Associate and conducted research, content development, user testing, and audience outreach.

I served as Project Manager and helped to secure grant funding, develop content, design website, and build project partnerships.

I serve as Managing Editor and facilitate tour and story development with students and community partnerships.

I was served as a digital consultant to design and build this website as a companion to a physical exhibit.

I served as Project Manager and Transcription Associate for this project and helped to implement a redesign of project and workflows.

I served as Outreach Lead of this project helping to support course participants.

I served as a Project Associate, helping to locate primary sources and develop exercises for K-12 students.

I served as a digital consultant for the New Orleans Jazz Museum to design virtual field trips for K-12 students.

I served as student curator for this exhibition on mass incarceration, developing a video essay on music at Angola.

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